Pneumatic Field 

WHMEC is one of the several domestic maintenance service suppliers which own large flow air sources. All its test equipment adopts digital intelligent display. All test data are monitored by computers. The reliability and accuracy of equipment are leading in the same domestic trade.

With strong technical strength and advanced equipment, as well as rich maintenance experience, WHMEC can fully guarantee the maintenance quality of various pneumatic components like pneumatic valves, air cycle machines, air starters, heat exchangers, turbine fans, etc., and thus established core position in domestic pneumatic component maintenance field. 

The test bench is divided into two air supplies: medium pressure and low pressure. Its total power can reach 1,250 KVA. The medium-pressure airflow can reach 5,000kg/h, the low-pressure airflow can reach 12,000kg/h, and air supply can be heated highest to 550℃. It can completely satisfy the performance testing of various aircraft pneumatic valves, heat exchangers and other components.  

Hydraulic Field

Owing to maintenance team led by first-rate experts in domestic aviation hydraulic R&D field, and domestic advanced computer-monitored comprehensive hydraulic test-benches, WHMEC can not only repair all kinds of hydraulic pumps, actuators, hydraulic valves, actuator cylinders, but also thoroughly solve the problems in core hydraulic components—servo mechanism, various PCU, and yaw damping mechanism. The maintenance capability of hydraulic components is in the leading position at home. 

  With characteristics of maximum oil source pressure 31MPa, maximum flow 300L/min, linearly adjustable, high precision, the test bench can completely satisfy the performance test of various aircraft hydraulic PTU, high-power large-flow hydraulic components, and loading performance testing of hydraulic motors. 

Electronic and Electrical Field

WHMEC has rich experience in aircraft electrical component maintenance, and has strong strength in the maintenance of engine ignition system, fire-detecting system, various AC/DC motors, air cycle fans, electromechanical actuators, kitchen facilities, power supplies, and so on. 

  Engine is the “heart” of an aircraft, and ignition system is the “source point” of an engine. WHMEC introduced the original test equipment from Unison in the United States. After comprehensive technological digestion, WHMEC can conduct comprehensive tests for various engine ignition system components. 

Wheel&Brake Field

In this field, we have a number of engineering technicians and maintenance staff with solid strength and rich maintenance experience, along with complete equipment, including dozens of sand-blasting machines, riveting machines, low temperature test chambers, hydraulic pressure machines, spring testers, bearing oiling machines, aircraft tyre disassemble machines, spring testers, thickness meters, conductivity meters, sclerometers, which can satisfy the maintenance of various aircraft wheel&brake components.